We believe in democratizing career progression

By leveling the playing field and giving all employees control over their development path.

Annual reviews are a thing of the past. Today's talent wants fair, equitable and transparent career advancement. Pando is the first just-in-time progression platform that both levels the playing field for all employees–and–makes organizations more agile, more innovative, and higher performing.”

Barbra Gago
Founder and CEO

Our customers

Prioritizing a culture of excellence and equitable growth.

Meet the team

Barbra gago
Founder & CEO, Amsterdam
Misha Bartlett
Sales, NYC
Lynda Negron
Product, LA
Marketing, Santa Cruz
Adam Plachta
Customer Success, SF
Evanya Musolino
Customer Success, Ottawa
Aleita Train
Engineering, Portland
Jordan Guevara
Engineering, SF
Rodrigo Pontes
Engineering, São Paulo
kristin wood
Engineering, DC
danielle brogle
Product Design, LA

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Democratizing career progression

We are excited to announce our funding and introduce Pando to the world!

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