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Pando Manager Dashboard
Pando Career Framework Rubric


Career frameworks are the foundation for structured, continuous employee progression. No need to start from scratch. Leverage Pando’s library of best practice, role-specific career frameworks.


Features don’t create a culture of feedback. Pando’s philosophy of transparent, competency-based, structured feedback, does.
Pando Contextualize Feedback Module
Pando Career Sync


Pando guides managers and employees to highly productive career progression conversations.


Make company goals more impactful by connecting business results to individual performance.
Pando strategic goals and OKRs
Pando performance calibrations


Pando makes performance real-time and iterative, so you always have a pulse on performance.


Pando is solving the process problem that creates in-equity in pay and performance.
Pando DEI and pay equity data
Pando activity metrics and engagement stats


Pando is the first platform to deliver employee performance in real-time.

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