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Real-time career progression
Achievement logging
HR tools

functional Templates

Don’t build your templates from scratch or settle for cookie-cutter templates. Get Pando’s peerless library of function-specific frameworks.

Role-based competencies

Break the cycle of biased reviews and career stagnation with role-based competencies

Performance Calibration

Our version of performance calibration is about nurturing employee growth, not putting people on a bell curve

Goal Setting and Alignment

Change the goal-setting paradigm by focusing on skill development, rather than solely relying upon OKRs

Achievement Logging

OKR tracking isn’t a progression path. Let employees track their impact by logging achievements that help them grow.

Our growing ecosystem

Our mission for growth also inspires our ecosystem. Our 17 HRIS integrations and SSO are just the beginning.


HR SaaS features alone don’t build a culture of feedback. Pando’s philosophy of transparent, competency-focused, contextual feedback, does.

Built-in job leveling

Elevate your job leveling to a competitive advantage instead of curbing it to a by-product of comp bands