How Pando Meetings Drive Continuous Calibration

April 17, 2024

Pando Meetings is our newest feature designed to enable continuous calibration. With built-in goals tracking, feedback and achievements, Pando Meetings keep managers and their reports aligned throughout the year–making the context for performance reviews much more relevant, recent and accurate.

What is Continuous Performance Calibration?

A term and philosophy we’ve established along with a set of tools to define, measure, document and communicate performance feedback loops which drive both employee growth and company impact. It’s not just feedback – but regular feedback loops in the context of concrete expectations and outcomes for each individual in the organization.

How Pando Meetings Enable Continuous Performance Calibration

Pando's new Meetings feature is designed to drive on-going, structured and continuous performance calibration for managers and their reports. With built-in pulse surveys, feedback, goals updates and recent wins, employees get the recognition and alignment needed to sustain top performance.

Regular Wellness and Sanity Checks

Regular 1-1 meetings facilitate open communication and collaboration between managers and employees, and help to establish the psychological safety required to ensure teams thrive. With Pando Meetings, managers can get a quick pulse check on how employees are feeling about work and life.

Guided prep-work

A meeting is only as good as the thought you put into it. Meetings are designed to support the preparation of having great meetings. Both participants are guided through a meeting prep to think through: Agenda items, make any updates to the statuses of goals or priorities, respond to any outstanding feedback requests made by either the report or manager, and generally create a space for quick reflection and areas of alignment that are needed. Meeting prep is guided for both participants and is only takes 3 to 5 to 10 minutes.

Close-the-loop on outstanding feedback

Oftentimes employees ask for feedback that goes unanswered by their manager, probably not intentionally but because the manager feels they have little time to follow up on the request. With Pando Meetings, employees' unanswered feedback requests will surface in 1-1 meeting prep and “stick” to that meeting so it can also be discussed once the participants meet live.  

Measurement, documentation and alignment on goals

Employees can create and track their private personal as well as company goals and targets in Pando. When prepping for their 1-1, those goals and their statuses will automatically surface in the meeting–they can also be edited with status updates, etc. while in meeting prep or during the live meeting.

On-going outcome recognition

Recognition is one of the key drivers of employee engagement. It’s important for employees to keep track of their successes throughout the year, this creates an opportunity for on-going recognition as well as re-calibrating in the case of failures. Employee achievements can be logged with each 1-1 to highlight recent wins or impact delivered by that employee.

More on Pando Meetings

All feedback, achievements and goals completed are surfaced automatically in Pando Performance Assessments, so there is less bias, subjectivity and time needed to determine an employees’ during review time which means managers and their reports can focus on areas of development and continue to iterate on the right behaviors that are delivering results. Meetings also let's you:

  • Guided meeting preparation for both participants
  • Calendar integration and recurring meetings
  • Action items (and carry over from previous meetings)
  • Quick view of career framework and recent feedback for coaching
  • Meeting templates; Checkin, New Hire, PIP, Development, Skip-level
  • Private notes (with carry over)

Want to learn how to drive peak performance?

Drop us a line to learn more about Pando's approach to continuous calibration and employee progression and how structured meetings can reduce performance review load and optimize employee lifetime value.