Continuous progression drives performance.

Career frameworks, feedback and goals to structure, measure and accelerate business impact.

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Increase employee lifetime value

Pando helps companies increase ramp time, develop high performers and retain talent through continuous growth and career progression.

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Make employee progression equitable and inclusive

Pando reduces bias and subjectivity in feedback and reviews, making career advancement equitable for all employees.

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Always on employee performance

Modern, agile and employee-first.


Iterative, ongoing employee assessments

Employee triggered, short form assessments to track progress against goals and professional achievements.

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Pando competency-based skill assessment
Pando employee-manager performance calibration

Structured career conversations

Templitized career check-ins, competency-based feedback, and real-time calibrations to help managers become better coaches.

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Live pulse on employee performance

No need for performance reviews, with Pando, you can track employee and team performance in real-time.

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Pando manager dashboard with live employee performance metrics

Pando drives performance and growth for diverse teams

Mark Frein Chief Workplace Officer at Oyster and Pando Customer

Pando is the first solution that makes continuous feedback and performance not only practically possible but also with an overall great user experience.

Mark Frein

Chief Workplace Officer, Oyster

Lauren Song Senior People Partner at Rewind

"I really appreciate Pando's philosophies for career growth. They've helped us to more clearly communicate what career growth looks like at Rewind and encourage more frequent, open, and fair conversation around it."

Lauren Song

Senior People Partner, Rewind

Jason Medley Chief People Officer at Codility

Pando gives managers the confidence, clarity and structure they need to fully engage and develop their teams.

Jason Medley

Chief People Officer, Codility

Monica Matison VP of People at Shipwell

Our people hold the keys to their own future. Pando helps empower people to understand where they’re at and how to move forward in their career.

Monica Matison

Vice President of People, Shipwell

Kim Rohrer Head of Employee Experience at Oyster

Pando enables fair, accessible and real-time employee progression and up-skilling for fast-growth, distributed and diverse teams.

Kim Rohrer

Head of Employee Experience, Oyster

Learn how to unlock the full potential of your team

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Scoir's journey to clarity: Achieving consistency with Pando in two months

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How oyster empowers and retains their fully distributed team with Pando

How Oyster meaningfully empowers and retains a fully distributed team across 70+ countries

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Foster a culture of continuous growth

Pando makes career progression accessible so employees can continuously level-up and track their impact as they grow.

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Pando live employee level progression data

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